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The Lancashire and Cheshire                
Antiquarian Society

Founded 1883

Charity Registration No 1105708

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Allan, Robin; ‘The delight I experience out of doors’: Crichton Porteous, writer of the north west (2003)

Barnes, Gerrard; Chester’s feuding newspapers and the unreformed city corporation (2003)

Binfield, Clyde; A matter of appearances: The Boothroyds and Southport Congregationalism (2000)

Boyd, A W; Great Budworth Churchwardens Accounts (1933)

Boyd, A W: Town books of Sevenoaks (1928)

Caruana, Viv; Manchester Airport from provincial aerodrome to international gateway, 1934 - 1980 (2004)

Cass, Eddie; The G R Axon collection of broadsides (2004)

A memorial William Henry Chaloner MA PHd 1914 - 1987 (1998)

Clayton, Nick; A missed opportunity? Bicycle manufacturing in Manchester 1880 - 1900 (2004)

Collins, Steve; ‘An eminent bibliophile and man of letters’: James Crossley of Manchester (2001)

Crossley, F H; Constructional design of timber roofs in the churches of Cheshire (1937)

Dent, J S and Smith W J; Stockport Castle and the Staircase cafe (1977)

Davies, J; A polished discoidal flint knife from Slatepit Moor, Lancashire: A communication

Dore, R N; 1642: The coming of the Civil War to Cheshire: Conflicting actions and impressions (1991)

Duffy, Jill; The forgotten revolutionary (2002)

Easson, Angus;  Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton: A novel of 1848? (1990)

Eastwood, David; The papers of the Second Earl of Warrington (2007)

Edmonds, Jill; ‘Celebrated and wonderful’. Master Betty on tour in Liverpool, Chester and Manchester in 1804 (2002)

Edmunds, Janet; Milling through the ages at Goosnargh Mill (2007)

Evans, Rod; Manchester book trade: A preliminary bibliography (2001)

Firth, Peter; Co-operative societies and the poor working class, 1870 - 1914: The case of north east Lancashire (2005)

Firth, Peter; Powerloom overlookers. Labour aristocracy of north east Lancashire cotton weaving, 1890 - 1920 (2003)

Firth, Peter; Temperance and politics in north east Lancashire c 1890 - c 1910 (1993)

Firth, Peter; Unemployment and the weaving industry in north east Lancashire 1919 - 29 (2007)

Fletcher, John C; Canal restoration in the north west since the 1970s (2004)

Ford, C S; The Reverend Theophilus Caleb: Race, politics and religion in a south east Lancashire village 1926 - 1932 (1991)

Foster, Charles; Farms and the economy in Cheshire and Lancashire (2005)

Fowler, A and Wyke, Terry; Tickling Lancashire’s funny bone: The gradeley cartoons of Sam Fitton (1993)

Gadman, Grahame; Samuel Gorton, a Lancashire radical in New England: An introduction (2003)

Gandy, John; John James Phelphs and his antiquarian collection at Chetham’s Library (2003)

Garrard, John; The Mayoralty since 1835 (1994)

George, A D; The rise and fall of the Manchester motor industry (2004)

Gibb, Tony; Secondhand bookselling in Manchester: A personal backward glance (2001)

Giles, Phyllis M; ‘The perplexed and ill-managed affairs of the Stockport Bank’ 1791 - 1827 (1992)

Gill, Miriam; ‘Now help, St George, oure lady knyght….to strengthe our kyng and England ryght’. Rare scenes of St George in a wall painting at Astbury, Cheshire (1995)

Glen, Robert; The Cheshire book trade revisited (1993)





Greene, J Patrick; The 1830 warehouse and the nineteenth century trade in timber (1994)

Grossinger, Christa; The relationship between Manchester Cathedral misericords and those in Ripon Cathedral and Beverley Minster (2002)

Guscott, S J; Merchants, money and myth making: The life of Humphrey Chetham reassessed (2003)

Hair, Paul E H; The historiography of the Wirral (2003)

Hallam, A M; A collared urn of the Middle Bronze Age from Chorley, Lancashire

Hallam, John; The Pendleton legend, Craggs Farm footprints and Apronfull Hill (1995)

Harnden, Keith; The restoration and conversion of Alkrington Hall, Middleton (1995)

Hayton, Sandra; A search for the underclass (2000)

Higham, Mary C; Place names and local history (2003)

Hitch, Alan; William Cockerill: A Lancashire entrepreneur in Europe (1991)

Hodgkins, David; Sir William Watkin. A Manchester man and the Cheshire Lines (2004)

Hodgson, John R; Dunham Massey papers (1995)

Holt, Jennifer S; Hornby town and the textiles of Melling parish in the early-modern period (2005)

Horner, Craig; ‘That great fountain of truth, good manners and whatnot’: Competing for the hearts and minds of newspaper readers in Manchester, 1730 - 60 (2001)

Hunwick, Christopher; Who shall reform the reformers? Corruption in the Elizabethan Collegiate Church of Manchester (2005)

Isaac, Peter; The English provincial book trade to 1800 (2001)

Jolly, Sandra; Ethos and regime in juvenile reformatories in Lancashire, circa 1854 - 1900 (2000)

Loverseed, D E; The ‘gas question’ in Marple 1887 (1993)

Maddison, J M; Master masons of the Diocese of Lichfield: A study in 14th century architecture at the time of the Black Death (1988)

Maidment, Brian; The Manchester common reader - Abel Heywood’s ‘Evidence’ and the early Victorian reading public (2001)

Marsh, Rosemary; Margaret Pilkington and her circle (2001)

Matthews, Stephen; Good King Offa, legends of a pious king (2002)

Matthews, Stephen; Mr Baldwin’s balloon; a forgotten flight (2003)

Matthews, Stephen; ‘Our suffering county’: Cheshire in the cattle plague of 1866. Correspondence received by Rowland Egerton Warburton of Arley Hall (2000)

Matthews, Stephen; Stockport and east Cheshire in the cattle plague of 1865 - 66 (2007)

McNeil, Robina; The 1830 railway warehouse: An old model for a new system (2004)

Mitchell, Ian; The book trades in Cheshire 1680 - 1830 (1999)

Morrill, John; R N Dore: An appreciation (1995)

Nevell, Michael; The River Irwell and the archaeology of Manchester’s early waterfronts (2004)

Parrott, V R; Manchester attorneys: occupation, communication and organisation. A study of the profession before 1838 (1992)

Patterson, Helen Temple; The Cheshire connections of the French poet Alfred de Vigny

Peel, Robert; Some notes on Wilmslow parish registers (1915)

Phelps, J J; A gold pendant of early Irish origin

Powell, Michael and Wyke, Terry; Neil Richardson. Local history publisher (2007)

Powell, Michael; Towards a history of book ownership in Manchester (2001)

Preece, Rosemary; Mining communities and the Miners’ Welfare Fund in the Lancashire and Yorkshire coalfields (2000)

Ramwell, Julie; Joseph and James Harrop of Manchester (2001)

Scholefield, R A; Manchester’s early airfields: Establishment, development and operations (2004)

Sheard, Sally; James Newlands and William Henry Duncan of Liverpool: A partnership in public health (1991)

Shotter, David; Romans in north west England: Conquest and occupation (2005)

Snape, Michael; ‘The Surey Imposter’: Demonic possession and religious conflict in seventeenth century Lancashire (1994)

Taylor, Clare; Wythenshawe Hall and the Tatton family (1991)

Timmins, Geoff; Coping with road traffic in expanding urban areas: Manchester and its environs during the Industrial Revolution (2004)

Tomlinson, V I; Letters of a Lancashire Luddite transported to Australia, 1812 - 1816

Vale, David; Connecting Manchester to the sea: The origins and early years of the Mersey and Irwell Navigation (2004)

Veenhoff, A and Smolenaars, M; Hugh Goodyear and his papers (1999)

Walton, John K; The world’s first working class seaside resort? Blackpool revisited, 1840 - 1974 (1992)

Whalen, Kathy and Powell, Michael; ‘An asylum for scraponisms’. Albums of ephemera at Chetham’s Library (2003)

Wilson, J F; Competition in the early gas industry: The case of Chester Gaslight Co. 1817 - 1856 (1990)

Wiltshire, Irene; William Gaskell’s poetry and and poetry lectures

Winstanley, Michael; Preventive policing in Oldham c 1826 - 56 (1990)

Wyke, Terry; The limits of charity: Treating venereal disease in eighteenth century Manchester (1999)

Wyke, Terry; Publishing and reading books etc in nineteenth century Manchester (2001)

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